Sergeant Willaim Coe
Portrayed by William W. Coe

My name is Sgt. William W. Coe, and I am in Company M of the 21st North Carolina Infantry. Company M is known as the “Guilford Dixie Boys” on a count we all come from Guilford County up in the Piedmont.

In May of '62 our Regiment was assigned to the Army of the Valley. (Later to become the 2nd Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia) Gen. Thos. J. {Stonewall} Jackson.

We followed Ol' Blue Light through the Valley campaign, 7 days, the 2nd Manassas, Antietam and Fredericksburg and…Chancellorsville...when we lost Gen. Jackson.

I pray that someday the good Lord may tell me why he chose then to take him from us…on the day of his (Gen. Jackson) greatest victory.

After Chancellorsville we was reorganized with Gen. Ewell taking command of the 2nd Corps. and we marched north into yankee country on what would become the Gettysburg campaign.

On July 2nd, the second day of the battle, our Brigade made the push on Cemetery Hill.

And let me tell you, it was like comin' up on the devil his self. Heck the poor boys from the 57th NC. was hurt real bad...and our brave 21st . Well we had 9 killed outright, 65 wounded and 37 missing presumed dead or captured...and we all knows how them yankee's treated our wounded and captured. Anyway... I was one of those mentioned above...

I am William W. Coe, and I am here to honor my family namesake and the cause for which he gave his all.

Sergeant William Coe portrayed by William W. Coe
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