Portrayed by Raymond and Lynn Tuckwiller

Raymond Tuckwiller

Raymond , who lives on his family's farm in the Richlands area of Greenbrier County, Western Virginia, was educated at Kentucky Military Institute, Rutgers University and Columbia University. He worked in marine construction and off-shore drilling for over ten years before returning to Greenbrier County and starting Greenbrier Electro-Mechanical. His company repairs heavy equipment, including large generators and locomotives.

Raymond's family has lived in the family home since 1851 and he is intensely interested in keeping history alive. He owns and drives a number of different carriages and horses, including an ambulance, spring wagon, doctor's buggy, surrey and a hearse. As sergeant major in the CSA transportation corps, attached to General Lee's staff, he is responsible for insuring that the wagon train containing General Lee's equipment and baggage accompanies the general in a timely manner.

Lynn Tuckwiller

Lynn has been riding and driving for most of her life. Starting with ponies and moving up to horses, she also has experience with draft horses. She has driven and trained equines from minis to Percherons and Belgians. Lynn assisted Dick Sparrow with his famous forty horse hitch and was fortunate to be allowed to drive the hitch for a short distance.

Lynn has degrees from Sullins College, Mary Baldwin and the University of Virginia. She was involved with equine activities at all those institutions and was curator of the carriage collection at Maymont in Richmond, Virginia. She has been teaching carriage driving for over twenty five years and has operated two commercial carriage companies.

She has driven in several films including "Far and Away", "The Speech that Saved America" and "Sommersby". She enjoys riding sidesaddle as well as driving the Tuckwiller’s various horses and carriages.

Teamsters portrayed by Raymond and Lynn Tuckwiller
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