Sergeant Shotwell
Portrayed by Drew Pallo

To make my impression versatile, I came across three Shotwells in Hood's Texas Brigade, a Private (later Corporal), a 2nd Sergeant and a Captain. Depending on the situation or event I can portray any of the three. With our group I always do the portrayal of Sergeant Shotwell, an older veteran of the Texas War of Independence (as a youth) and the Mexican War who has been assigned as a Headquarters Guard due to being very long in the tooth. Captain J. I. Shotwell was Inspector General of Hood Texas Brigade and then later in the War commanded the Foreign Battalion. Considering the Texas Brigade and later Hood's Division was east of the Mississippi River for most of the War until the Surrender, it was never clear where a lot of the replacement troops came from Texas.

Sergeant Shotwell portrayed by Drew Pallo
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