Heroes Von Borcke
Portrayed by R.J. Cicero

Johann August Henrich Heros von Borcke was one of those larger than life figures who was involved with some of the most romantic figures of the war period. Heros von Borcke came from an "old Prussian military family of titled nobility", and was serving in the 2nd Brandenburg Regiment of Dragoons when the War between the States began. He took a leave of absence from his Regiment and traveled across the Atlantic to fight in the War for Southern Independence. He arrived through the Federal blockade, narrowly escaping capture while entering Charleston harbour, in May 1862. He was introduced to General J.E.B. Stuart by Secretary of War George Randolph and served as a volunteer aide . He quickly earned a commission in Stuart's cavalry eventually as his chief of staff with the rank of major and from then on the Prussian was rarely far from Stuart's side.

General Stuart was greatly impressed by Heros von Borcke, reporting:

"Capt. Heros von Borcke, a Prussian cavalry officer, who lately ran the blockade, assigned me by the honorable Secretary of War, joined in the charge of the First Squadron in gallant style, and subsequently, by his energy, skill, and activity, won the praise and admiration of all"

Heros von Borcke's 8 August 1862 appointment as Major was confirmed by the Confederate Congress on September 19th.

Later in the month, Stuart again cited him in an after-action report:

"[near Brandy Station, Va, 20 Aug 1862] Maj. Heros von Borcke, my adjutant-general, was conspicuous in the charge, and led an important flank attack at the critical moment of the engagement..."

Major Heros von Borke continued on Stuart's staff until almost fatally wounded in June 1863 in an action at Middleburg, Virginia . When General Stuart was mortally wounded at the battle of Yellow Tavern, in May 1864, Heros von Borcke was present at Stuart's deathbed . He was appointed Lieutenant Colonel, as of 20 December 1864.

After the War he returned to Prussia, serving in the war with Austria but due to the yankee bullet he carried in his lung, for health reasons he retired. Heros von Borcke memoirs written in 1866 offer a stirring account of his service in the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Heros von Borcke married and lived in Neumarkt, East Prussia, he inherited castle at Geisenbrugge. It was reportedly "his delight to fly the Confederate flag from its battlements". He died in 1895 , still reminiscing about his days serving the Confederate cause.

Major Heros von Borke is portrayed by R.J. Cicero . A student of military history, Cicero lives in the lower Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Heroes Von Borcke
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