General Robert E. Lee, Commander, Army of Northern Virginia - Portrayed by Al Stone

Photo courtesy Brian Callan

Al Stone, who portrays General Robert E. Lee was born in rural upstate New York, a few miles north of the Pennsylvania state line. He had two Great-Great Grandfathers who served as volunteers in the War Between the States and was raised by a father who was an avid American history buff, seldom passing up the opportunity to visit historic sites. By the age of 15 years, Al had trekked the rocks and fields of Gettysburg on numerous occasions while on trips to Maryland and Washington, DC.

In 1965, at the age of 21, Al accepted employment necessitating his relocation to Lynchburg Virginia, where he continued to explore his developing interests in the conflict which divided our union of states. While his employment allowed him the opportunity to visit and spend many hours at meaningful sites, probably the most profound event on Al's life while in Lynchburg, was his meeting with a lady who was 112 years young at the time. As a youngster, Mrs. Royal and her family were slaves on a nearby plantation and her vivid accounts of life during the mid 1800's mesmerized many a listener. It was during his residence in the Old Dominion State that Al became aware of the impact that Robert E. Lee had, not only on Virginia, but on the "Union", both before and after the war.

As time passed, Al relocated to Alabama, Florida, West Virginia and then again to Florida, all the while continuing to educate himself about the war for Southern independence. As the color of his hair and beard changed from brown to white, he began to assume the role of a Confederate officer which later developed into portraying one of America's greatest generals.

In May 1995 Al offered his first public appearance as the Great Southern Chieftain and continued portraying the General as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia until April 11, 2015 when on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the historic meeting between Generals Lee and Grant at Appomattox Virginia, Al retired his "field impression". Following a brief respite, Al has resumed his impression as Robert E. Lee, but now as President of Washington College (currently Washington & Lee University). In this new role as Lee in his later years, he is prepared to discuss Lee's life - in total!

(In the years following the war, Robert E. Lee's intentions were to bring renewed life to the small college in Southwestern Virginia. However, his presence and actions in helping to calm and heal the union would keep him in the spotlight for the duration of his life. He appeared and testified in front of Congress regarding the condition and sentiments of Southern people and the acceptance of former slaves by the white populace. He was called upon by leaders from both north and South for his wisdom and expertise and the effect of "Reconstruction" policies. And of course, wherever he traveled, he was welcomed by throngs of people who sought his personal friendship and kindnesses as well as recollections of the late unpleasantness.)

In his new role as post-war Robert E. Lee, Al continues to offer the finest first person impression available and can discuss all periods of the life of Robert Edward Lee. From childhood, through his military career, to President of Washington College, Al is available to speak to his life and respond to your questions.

Al has portrayed General Lee in classroom settings, at award ceremonies, church gatherings, Chautauqua's, on theater stages and other special occasions. He portrayed General Lee at the annual Gettysburg reenactment for eight years, including the 150th anniversary, and well over 1,000 other reenactments around these United States. In May 2000, Al portrayed The General at Presentation Weekend in Troy, Ohio, sharing the billing with noted artist Mort Kunstler, historian Dr. James I. "Bud" Robertson and authors Brian Wills and Thomas Cartwright. Al has since appeared with Mr. Kunstler, on numerous other occasions. He portrayed The General in the "The Trial of Robert E. Lee" at Liberty University in March 2002 and addressed an audience of over 14,000 at Liberty's annual July 4th celebration in 2002 (televised nationally). He has appeared as The General in more than 30 small and big screen documentaries and movies, one of which is the nationally acclaimed History Channel's documentary titled "April 1865- The Month that Saved America". He has been described by Civil War re-enactors and historians alike as presenting the "most accurate impression of General Lee in the union today". Al was also given this designation by Robert E. Lee IV and other family members while visiting with them at Stratford Hall in January 2007 during the celebration of the General's 200 birthday.

The articles of clothing worn by Al are designed to replicate that worn by General Lee at various periods of his life. Every step has been taken to be authentic and a visit to the Confederate museum in Richmond will testify as to this authenticity. It's Al's intent to provide you a memorable visit with the venerable Robert E. Lee, General, CSA

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