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Reconstructed YankeeReconstructed Yankee is based on the life stories of two actual Black confederate soldiers, Reconstructed Yankee presents an historically based account of a freeman who fights first for the Union and then, as the result of a personal tragedy, for the Confederacy. The tale, however, is much more. The story revolves around Caleb Parker's belief in the power of perseverance, self-reliance and the benefits of education.

It also is a tale of how one man rises above the prejudices and racism of America found in the north as well as the South. Caleb epitomizes Booker T. Washington's statement that: "Character is power. Success is not measured by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which a man has to overcome to succeed." With knowledge and the strength of personal integrity, Caleb rises above the obstacles in his life to succeed and to pass on to his descendants a magnificent legacy of achievement.

Furious, Insatiable Fighter

Furious, Insatiable Fighter: A Biography of Maj. Gen. Isaac Ridgeway Trimble, C.S.AGeneral Trimble was an 1822 graduate of West Point, and spent the majority of his adult life as a railroader. He played a significant role in the early development of the Baltimore & Ohio R.R., and the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore R.R., a precursor of the Pennsylvania R. Co., and later built a railroad in Cuba for the Spanish government. At age 59 when hostilities broke out between the North and South, Trimble was asked by the Governor of Maryland to organize militia to "defend" the City of Baltimore from Federal volunteers marching through. He was soon thereafter accused of treason by Federal authorities when railroad bridges into Baltimore were burned, and fled South where he offered his services to the Confederacy. Trimble served with distinction as a brigade commander in Ewell's Division of Jackson's II Corps during the Valley Campaign, in the Seven Days Battles, and at Second Manassas. Major Henry Kyd Douglas of Jackson's staff said Trimble "had enough fight in him to satisfy a herd of tigers." He was wounded in the fighting near Brawner's Farm, and remained away from the Army until shortly before its move North toward Gettysburg. Trimble served as an advisor to Gen. Ewell during the campaign and through the fighting of 1 July, then was tapped to lead the wounded Gen. Dorsey Pender's Division in the momentous charge of 3 July. Another leg wound resulted in amputation, and capture by Federal troops. Once he became aware of Trimble's capture, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton cautioned his commanders to keep close watch on Trimble, whom he deemed "the most dangerous Rebel we have in captivity." Trimble spent nearly the rest of the War in prison, first at Ft. McHenry and then at Johnson's Island, until his release upon the personal order of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. After the War he returned to Baltimore and lived to age 86; he is buried in Greenmount Cemetery. This book, penned by collateral ancestor David C. Trimble, brings to life this fascinating character of the War, about whom no extensive biography had previously been written despite the thousands of volumes on the War. Trimble has gathered more research on Gen. Trimble, and hopes to publish a more definitive re-write of this book in the future.

Onward Christian SoldierOnward Christian Soldier, The Spiritual Journey of Stonewall presents a historical account of the military, personal, and spiritual life of General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson who rose from the pains of a tragic childhood to become one of the South’s most celebrated soldiers.

Christian CavalierChristian Cavalier, The Spiritual Legacy of JEB Stuart presents an intimate portrait of the flamboyant Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart and a testament to his devout service to both God and country.


Houses of the Holy

HOUSES OF THE HOLY Historic Churches of Fredericksburg recalls stories of rebellion, racism and reconstruction as experienced by Secessionists, Unionists and the African American population in Fredericksburg's landmark churches during the Civil War.

The Civil Wa in SpotsylvaniaThe Civil War in Spotsylvania: Confederate Campfires at the Crossroads features published memoirs, diaries, letters and testimonials from those who were there to give a fascinating look into the day-to-day experiences of camp life in the Confederate army.

The Southern CrossThe Southern Cross: A Civil War Devotional shares forty uplifting devotions, ten encouraging essays, a special sermon that was presented to the soldiers in the field and a short biographical tribute to six of the South's most pious commanders.

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