Brigadier General Maxcy Gregg
Portrayed by Tony Virando

Maxcy Gregg was born in Columbia S.C. on August 1, 1814. He received his schooling in Columbia, and attended South Carolina College. He graduated first in his class in 1836. He studied law, and passed the bar in 1839. Gregg, slightly deaf, was well regarded as an authority in ornithology, astronomy, and botony. Gregg even had his own private observatory. Maxcy Gregg is considered to be one of the most educated and brightest officers of the Confederate Army. He was a strong advocate for states rights for South Carolina. Gregg was considered to be one of the South Carolina's " Fire Eaters" He was one of the signers of the Sescession Manifesto when South Carolina left the Union on December 20, 1860. He was promoted to Colonel of the 1st Infantry by the Govenor of South Carolina. He was promoted to Brigadier General on December 14, 1861, and saw action in all of the " Light Division's" battles until his death. General Gregg's Brigade consisted of the 1st, 12th, 13th, and 14th South Carolina Infantry. Gregg is probably most recognized for his action at Second Mannassas, where he held off several assaults from George Meade. He and the " Light Division" helped save the day for the Army of Northern Virginia at the battle of Sharpsburg. At Sharpsburg He was wounded by the same bullet that killed General Branch, and the next morning at breakfast he found the bullet when he opened his handkerchief. General Gregg is also known to have had a feud with General Thomas " Stonewall" Jackson. At the Battle of Fredricksburg on December 13, 1862, Maxcy Gregg was mortally wounded. A bullet went through his back and into his spine, while he was mounted on his horse, and rallying his troops. General Gregg passed away from his wound on December 15, 1862. The General was brought back to South Carolina with a full Military Funeral, and buried on December 20, 1862, exactally 2 years to the day his State of South Carolina left the Union. He is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia South Carolina. General Lee wrote about General Gregg's death:

" While in the act of rallying his men, that brave soldier and true Patriot Brig. General Maxcy Gregg fell mortally wounded." Again, "In Brigadier Generals Gregg and Cobb the Confederacy has lost two of it's noblest citizens, and the Army two of it's bravest and most distinguished officers. The country consents to the loss of such as these, and the gallent soldiers who fell with them, only to secure the inestimable blessing they died to obtain."

Brigadier General Maxcy Gregg is portrayed by Tony Virando. Tony's love for the Civil War comes from being a first generation American. Tony is a veteran of the U.S. Navy serving 8 years. He resides in Maryland just south of Baltimore. He and his wife of 11 years have two daughters. Tony is proud and honored to portray such a brave and interesting Officerof the Army of Northern Virginia. Please feel free to contact Tony regarding any questions you may have about General Maxcy Gregg at

General Maxcy Gregg
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