General Jubal Early
Portrayed by Mike Sipes
Mike was born in Baltimore,MD on January 13 1952 and lived there till his early twenties when he moved to the little town of Sharpsburg,MD just minutes from the famous Sharpsburg battlefield. His interest in the war for southern Independence began at an early age when his father would take the family on day trips to such places as Gettysburg, Sharpsburg and Harper's Ferry. Wanting to learn more about the war and the struggle for southern independence Mike began to read and do research that would lead him to find his southern ancestor's one of which was a Capt. Nicholas Owings, of Owings Mills,MD Quartermaster for the second MD cavalry,C.S.A. To Honor his ancestor Mike joined the MD division Sons of Confederate Veterans. To also honor the memory of his ancestor he joined a reenactment group that portrayed the second MD cavalry. Wanting more to teach and to talk to people about the great unpleasantness Mike seen in him self an opportunity to perhaps portray General Early who his ancestor, with the second MD cavalry, rode with, in the Generals 1864 valley campaign. Mikes main goal is to keep alive the memory of the southern soldier, and let it be known, the truth about the war, as General Early did in his first book, A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America. Mike has moved to, and owns a business in the little town Hanover,PA just a few miles from Gettysburg,PA.

American by birth, Southern by the grace of GOD !

Jubal Early portrayed by Mike Sipes
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