General John Bell Hood
Portrayed by David Blosser

John Bell Hood was a gallant combat leader, and one of the fiercest fighters in the Confederacy. His brigade of Texans was generally considered by historians to be the best to serve the south.

John Bell Hood was born to a rural doctor in Owingsville, Ky. on June 29,1831.He entered West Point at the age of 18.John graduated 44th of a class of 52. Lt. Hood served with the 2nd U.S. Cavalry Regiment.In April,1861, He resigned his 1st Lt.commission, and offered his services to the Southern Confederacy.

Hood saw action on the peninsula at Seven Pines, and the battle of Seven Days.At the 2nd Battle of Bull Run, he launched a powerful attack, which drove the Union forces from the field.Hood’s Texas Brigade saved the left flank at Antitem.On the 2nd day at Gettysburg, Hood was wounded,and lost the use of his left arm.At the Battle of Chick-amauga, his Texas boys broke the Union line,which lead to a Confererate victory.During the course of the battle ,a 58 cal. Minie ball shattered Hood’s right leg, and was left with a 41/2 inch stump.His bravery led to a promotion of Lt. General. After his recovery,he was given a corps commander position with the Army of Tennessee,and became a key player of the Atlanta Campaign. After the war, Hood went to New Orleans, where he later died from yellow fever in 1879.He left 11orphaned children, some of which, were raised by members of Hood’s Texas Brigade.

John Bell Hood portrayed by David Blosser
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