General James Pettigrew
Portrayed by Bill Nordan

James Johnston Pettigrew was born on July 4, 1228 in Tyrell County, North Carolina and commanded one of the three division that took part in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg in 1863. General Pettigrew originally joined with Hampton's Legion in South Carolina but was soon offered the position of Colonel of the 1st South Carolina Rifles. Later he returned to his beloved home State of North Carolina to command the 12th North Carolina Regiment.

General Pettigrew had a very eventful carrier in the Confederate Army, serving in both the Peninsula and Gettysburg campaigns. The Peninsula campaign is when General Pettigrew was wounded for the first time and believing his wounds were mortal, General Pettigrew refused to allow any of his men to remove him from the field of battle. Once the battle was over General Pettigrew was left on the field where he regained consciousness only to find himself a prisoner of war of the Union Army. Two months after becoming a prisoner he was exchanged and in the fall he spent his time commanding General D.H. Hill's Division around Richmond.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, General Pettigrew's Division took heavy loses but he survived unscathed from the fight to only loose his life at Falling Waters, West Virginia on July 14th 1863 while his Division was acting as the rear guard during the retreat back to Virginia.

General James Pettigrew portrayed by Bill Nordan
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