Lieutenants General James Longstreet
Portrayed by Jay Vogel

Lieutenant General James Longstreet was born in the Edgefield District in South Carolina on the 8th of January 1821 and he then moved to Georgia. Upon his father's death the Longstreet family moved to Alabama with the exception of James who remained in Georgia with his Uncle.

In 1838 James received his appointment to West Point and graduated in 1842, 60th of 62. After graduation now Lieutenant Longstreet was assigned to Jefferson Barracks in Missouri. In May of 1844 Longstreet was reassigned near Fort Jessup in Louisiana and be came a member of the Army of Observation under General Zachary Taylor. In March of 1845 Lieutenant Longstreet was reassigned to the 8th Regiment at St. Augustine Florida and later in 1846 moved to Texas. Longstreet was then one of several thousand troops involved in the Mexican war.

After the Mexican War Longstreet was reassigned to Albuquerque, New Mexico as a pay master and he stayed until he resigned his commission from the Federal Army and on the 1st of July 1861 James received has commission as a Brigadier-General and was assigned to Manassas Junction and found himself under the command of General Beauregard.

From this point forward James Longstreet was quickly promoted to Major General and then Lieutenant General and by the middle of 1862 found himself under the command of General Robert E. Lee.

General Longstreet survived the war and during the later stages of the war was severely wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness where his wounds left him partially paralyzed in the right arm.

Jay Vogel has been reenacting as a living historian since 2001. He travels to more than 20 events a year and speaks to all that are willing to listen or ask questions. Jay has also in the DVD released movie "Three days of Destiny" and other documentaries.

For more information about Jay or General Longstreet visit: At this site you will find several of General Longstreet's official reports and some corrispondance that has been transcribed by Jay available to the public

James Longstreet portrayed by Jay Vogel
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