General George Pickett
Portrayed by Niles Clark

Niles M. Clark was born in 1959 Hamilton County, Westfield, Indiana and has lived there all his life. Involved in many community activities growing up, 4-H member for 10 years, served on the State Junior Leader Council, several High School plays, High School Choir, Band, a member of FFA for 5 years and a re-enactor back in 1975-76 as a private in CSA Infantry. Attended Vincennes University of Agriculture in 1978-79 left school to return home to farm with his father. In 1976 met his future wife and married in 1980. November of '80 enlisted in the Air Force as a Security Police and served until '86. His son was born during this time. Returned to farming from the military in ‘86 to support his family. During this time a daughter was born. In 1995 the family had to find another line of work because the farm his father worked decided to retire his father. So he become a Finish Carpenter and has been ever since. In 1996 he returned to Theatre in the community has performed or worked in over 66 community and Civic shows, worked as a Master Carpenter at Edyvean Reperatory Theatre from 1999 thru 2001. Returned to re-enacting in the year of 2001 as a Private in Infantry and Artillery. He always had a fascination with the Civil War and since the age of 8 was interested in "Major General George E. Pickett". When he returned to re-enacting he decided to portray the famous general. As fate would have it he joined up with a group called Lee's Lieutenants, prior to this he was also given the opportunity to portray "George" at Gettysburg's 141st anniversary re-enactment and is to this day. He is a member of the “Pickett Society” and has joined "The Son’s of a Confederate Veteran" Camp A. J. Ringo # 1509. He has been seen in several movies of the Civil War, "God's and Generals", The History Channels "80 Acres of Hell" Camp Douglas, Show Times "Little Treasure Hunters" and PBS " Saint Joseph College". He is a member of the First United Methodist Church of Noblesville, Indiana and performs as many Sundays that this hobby allows in the church choir. He has always been interested in singing so maybe if you ask "George" the next time you see him, he'll sing you a song.

His name in Civil War history was secured in a losing cause, the charge against the Federal center on the third day at Gettysburg. Following bloody but inconclusive movements 1-2 July, Lee ordered the massive assault, which followed an intensive but basically ineffectual cannonade. Under Pickett's immediate command were the brigades of Brig. Gens. James L. Kemper, Richard B. Garnett, and Lewis A. Armistead. According to reports, Pickett was in excellent spirits and expected to carry the Union defenses. At mid-afternoon the forward movement began with the troops dressed as if on parade as they marched into the Federal guns. Pickett, as division commander, attempted to coordinate the ill-fated movement and, contrary to the view of some critics, acquitted himself bravely and well. But the task was impossible, and he ordered his men to withdraw when clearly they could not break the Union center.

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General George Pickett portrayed by Niles Clark
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