General Basil Duke
Portrayed by John Duke

Kentucky-born Brigadier-General Basil Wilson Duke, CSA (1838-1916) is portrayed by John Duke. Not only does John strongly resemble Basil, they are related: General Duke is John's great-great-great granduncle.

General Duke was second in command of the famous partisan cavalry division known as Morgan's Raiders, organized and led by his brother-in-law, General John Hunt Morgan. Following Morgan's death in late 1864, General Duke assumed command.

Following the fall of Richmond and the surrender of General Lee, General Duke and his men provided President Jefferson Davis and members of his cabinet military escort; General Duke was also charged with safeguarding the remainder of the Confederate treasury which accompanied the President. Some weeks later, in North Carolina, when he (erroneously, it turned out) felt himself somewhat safer from capture, Presedent Davis gratefully disbursed the treasury funds among Basil Duke and his men and dismissed them from further service.

Following the War, Basil Duke became a very successful lawyer; he also wrote three Civil War History books (all still in print to-day) and was very much involved with Confederate Veterans' affairs for the rest of his life.

John is a veteran officer with the City of Gaithersburg (MD) Police Department, a professional artist, and when not portraying Basil Duke, John is Lee's Lieutenants' professional photographer.

Special Note: John has contributed a large majority of the photos found on this website.

General Basil Duke portrayed by John Duke
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