General Albert Jenkins
Portrayed by John Belcher

Albert Jenkins was born in Cabell County Virginia (Now West Virginia) in 1830. In 1861 Albert Jenkins was a member of Congress but when the war broke out and Virginia seceded from the Union he returned to his home in Virginia. Once home he raised a company of partisan rangers that latter joined the Confederate States Army and became the 8th Virginia Cavalry with then Colonel Jenkins as the commanding officer.

Due to the amount of trouble the 8th Virginia Calvary was giving Union forces in western Virginia, Governor Pierpont of the reformed government of Virginia ask President Lincoln for additional troops to be moved the western part of Virginia. Jenkins exploits did not end with this increase in troops to western Virginia. This only increased Jenkins's resolve and in September of 1862 Jenkins and his men raided Kentucky, western Virginia and for a brief period moved into Ohio.

During the Gettysburg campaign, General Jenkins and his men became the screening force for General Ewell's corps. During the campaign they performed their duties as needed to include seizing Chambersburg and burning down near by railroad structures and bridges.

In 1864 General Jenkins' men engaged Union General Crook during the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain where General Jenkins was wounded and captured by Union forces. The Union surgeon amputated Jenkins severely wounded arm but Jenkins never recovered, dying from his wounds on 21 May 1864.

General Albert Jenkins portrayed by John Belcher
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