Anna Trimble
Portrayed by Corrine Trimble

Anne was the second wife of Isaac Ridgeway Trimble. They married in 1856, following the death the previous year of his first wife, Maria Cattell Presstman, Anne's sister-in-law. Anne was herself a widow, her first husband, William Presstman, having died a few years before.

Anne remained in Richmond during the Gettysburg campaign, but returned to Baltimore once Isaac was again wounded, and now was in federal custody. During his imprisonment, Anne tried to send food and other items to Isaac, but was often frustrated by federal restrictions on contact with Isaac, at the behest of Secretary of War Stanton, in reprisal for the alleged 1860 bridge burnings around Baltimore.

Anne and Isaac were reunited after the War, and returned to Baltimore to reside in their home, Ravenhurst.

Anne Trimble is portrayed by Corinne Trimble. Corinne is married to David Trimble, who portrays his collateral ancestor, Isaac Ridgeway Trimble. Corinne is a paralegal in the civil litigation section of the Office of the Attorney General of Kentucky, and is a dedicated wildlife rehabilitator, serving as a foster "parent" for numerous raccoons, rabbits, and opossums before they are old enough to return to the wild.

Anna Trimble
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