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Remembrance Day Parade in Gettysburg, November 21, 2015 - Pictures by Nancy Olds
Members of Lee's Lieutenants and 19th Virginia at Gyandotte, WV
Army of Northern Virginia, army of legend,
Who were your captains that you could trust them so surely?
Who were your battle-flags?
Call the shapes from the mist,
Call the dead men out of the mist and watch them ride
Army of Northern Virginia by Stephen Vincent Benet

Meet the Generals.

Among the top Living History groups in our time is Lee's Lieutenants. Spanning the years of the American Civil War from the first shots fired in Charleston Harbor through the surrender at Appomattox, come witness the rich poignant portrayals of the distinctive personalities of General Robert E. Lee, his generals, officers and brave soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia, important political figures of the Confederacy, and Southern civilians from all walks of life who were caught in the storm created by the clash of great armies.

Let them carry you back to a simpler time of honor and courage when hope was still high for a Southern independent nation. Hear the Generals and officers speak of their tactics, explain their reasons for their actions, and tell stories of their experiences on the battlefield and at home. Meet the politicians, nurses, Confederate spies, refugees and the wives left at home to cope alone. Bring them any questions you have.

There are few Living History groups that bring such a wide variety of perspectives and knowledge of the Civil War to the public. See our schedule to plan your visit.

General Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, portrayed by Al Stone
His "Right Arm" Lt. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, portrayed by Greg Randall His "Eyes and Ears", Maj.Gen J.E.B. Stuart, portrayed by Bill Frueh His "Rock", Lt.Gen James Longstreet, portrayed by Gene Pennell
Lt.Gen Richard Ewell, portrayed by Chris Godart Lt.Gen A.P. Hill, portrayed by Rod Saunders Lt.Gen Jubal Early, portrayed by Mike Sipes
Lt.Gen John B. Gordon, portrayed by Ron Cole    
Brig Gen E. Porter Alexander, Portrayed by Daniel Brown Col. John S. Mosby, portrayed by Jimmy Fleming  
Maj.Gen George E. Pickett, portrayed by Niles Clark Brig.Gen Lewis Armistead, portrayed by Dennis Cole Maj.Gen Isaac Trimble, portrayed by David Trimble
Brig.Gen "Extra Billy" Smith, portrayed by Dave Meisky Brig.Gen Albert Jenkins, portrayed by John Belcher One of J.E.B. Stuarts Cavalry Commanders Major General L.L.Lomax,portrayed by Dan L. Carr
Brig.Gen Richard Garnett, portrayed by Dwight Hensley Brig.Gen Maxcy Gregg, portrayed by Tony Virando Brig.Gen Basil Duke, portrayed by John Duke
Brig.Gen Billy Mahone, portrayed by Warren Schwartz Lt. Gen John Bell Hood, portrayed by David Blosser Brig.General James Pettigrew, portrayed by Bill Nordan
In Memory of Jack Maples who lost his battle with cancer In April 2013  
General Samuel Cooper, portrayed by Drew Pallo Jefferson Davis, President of the CSA, portrayed by David Walker Gen Joseph E Johnston, portrayed by Mark Whitenton
Commodore Ebenezer Farrand, portrayed by Calvin Ashwell Lt.Gen Leonidas Polk, Army of Tennesee, portrayed by Greg Stull Capt Sally Thompkins, portrayed by Rosemary Thoburn
Mathew Brady portrayed by Wayne Ritchie Col Lafayette Guild, the Medical Director of the Army of Northern Virginia and Gen Lee's physician portrayed by Gene Lastfogel Major Harmon portrayed by Bernie Beechler
Maj. Heros von Borcke, portrayed by RJ Cicero Maj. Hunter, portrayed by Jim Boykin Maj. Charles Pickett, portrayed by Clay Pickett
Maj. Robert Dabney, portrayed by Wayne Ritter    
Schedule of events for 2015
6/6-7 - Gathering of Eagles – Winchester, VA
8/21-23 - Manassas, VA
November -Remembrance Day – Gettysburg, PA
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